Deploy Surveys in Multiple Languages


Import translations for questions and set default locales.

If you have survey takers who speak multiple languages, they can receive the same survey in the language of your choice. Translating survey questions allows you to report on all results within the same survey, rather than having to create multiple instances of the same survey.

To import translations and set default locale:

  1. From the Surveys 3.0 tab, click to edit a survey.
  2. From the survey editor, click the Translations tab.
  3. Click Download Questions.
  4. Open the downloaded file, and add a new column per language you want to add. Insert translations for each question. The available column names for locales include:
    • en_US – English (US)
    • en_GB – English (UK)
    • de_CH – Deutsch (Schweiz)
    • de_DE – Deutsch (Deutschalnd)
    • es_ES – Español (España)
    • es_MX – Español (México)
    • fr_CA – Français (Canada)
    • fr_FR – Français (France)
  5. When finished with the file, click Upload to import the translated questions.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Settings (gear icon).
  8. Set the default locale in which to display the survey.