Customize Auto-Responder in Automation Rules

Actions, Reviews, Surveys

Hit SLA targets more consistently with automated response rules for surveys and reviews.

Automatically send selected responses to reviews and surveys that meet specific criteria.

To create auto respond rules:

  1. From the platform, click Settings ().
  2. From the left panel, click Automation.
  3. Click Add Rule under the Review or Survey category.
  4. Adjust rule settings:
    • Name: Name your rule.
    • Survey Template: Select one survey template to apply to your rule. This option is only available for Survey rules.
    • Criteria: Configure the requirements for your rule. Enter at least one filter set.

      Valid filters will have a green checkmark. Filters requiring additional information will have a yellow triangle.

    • Actions: Select the action to happen when your rule is true. Options can include Create Ticket, Follow Up Request, or Auto Respond. Select Auto Respond.
    • Template: Select the template for the auto response. This is the message used in the review or survey response.

      Reach out to your CSM or Support to change available templates.

  5. Click Save.

From the “Automation Rules” page, you can view rules, toggle each on or off, edit, save as new, or delete.