Custom Variables in Survey Requests

Requests, Surveys

Personalize the survey experience to increase completion rates.

To add a custom variable to a survey:

  1. On the Surveys > All Surveys tab, click to edit a survey that’s in design/testing, or click to create a new survey.
  2. Within one of the survey questions, add a custom variable within the question copy. Variables are enclosed in double curly brackets. Optionally include a default value after the |.

    Example: {{customer-name|Customer}}
  3. On the Requests > Templates tab, ensure your request template has a custom variable.
    • Click Edit next to a template.
    • Add a variable into your copy that matches the variable in your survey./br>
      Example: {{customer-name|Customer}}
    • Click Save.
  4. In the Requests > Quick Request tab, enter a value for the custom variable.

    You can also use custom variables in bulk requests and integrations.

After the recipient clicks the request from the email, the variable will be passed to the survey.

In the above example, if a custom variable was not entered in the request, the request email and survey question would instead display “Customer” in place of the name.