Create Actions from Operational Insights

Actions, Operations

Take action on customer quotes by creating a ticket for follow-up.

When analyzing feedback in Operational Insights, you can now create a ticket for specific reviews or surveys to begin tracking the follow-up process. Select the queue and stage of the ticket, add your comments and check for any existing tickets that may have already been created to avoid duplication.

To create a ticket from Operational Insights:

  1. From the platform, go to Operations > Insights.
  2. Click Insights by Category.
  3. Scroll down to the Sentiment Map, and right-click to View Customer Quotes within a category.
  4. Click View Review or View Survey.
  5. Click on the ellipsis menu and click Create Ticket.
  6. If a ticket does not already exist, assign a queue and set the stage of your ticket. Add comments and click Create Ticket.
  7. View Ticket or Close.

You can also create tickets when drilling down into customer quotes in the Sentiment by Location, Big Movers and Needs Attention charts.