COVID-19 Message on Apple


Add a COVID-19 message to Apple Maps listings.

You can now publish COVID-19 messaging to your Apple Maps listings through the platform.

To add a COVID-19 message to your listings (one-off):

  1. From the platform, click Listings.
  2. Click Profiles.
  3. Click Edit next to the profile to be updated.
  4. Under Offices, click Add Website.
  5. Select COVID-19 as the URL type.

    Adding a COVID-19 URL is optional.

  6. Under Descriptions, enter a COVID Message (up to 200 characters).

    This field will only push to Apple Maps. Apple must be selected as a correctable site to publish.

  7. Click Submit to apply your changes.

To add a COVID-19 message to your listings (bulk):

  1. From the platform, click Listings.
  2. Click Profiles.
  3. Click Download.
  4. On the Download Profiles popup, make your selections and click Download.

    If this is your first time updating the COVID Message, check All Fields to download fields that do not currently contain data.

  5. Open the CSV file and make changes to the profiles you want within a spreadsheet editor.
    • Add your message (up to 200 characters) to the COVID Message column.
    • Add your COVID-related URL to the Office > Website > Url column. Add “Covid” to identify the URL type in the corresponding Office > Website > Type column.

      Adding a COVID-19 URL is optional.

    • Include a “c” in the add/change/delete column.
    • Include a column for Unique Location Code in your file as this is needed to identify the location to associate the message with.
  6. When finished with your changes, save the file.
  7. In the platform, click Import.
  8. Attach the saved CSV file and chose your Import Mapping.
  9. Configure column header mapping and check boxes for skipping page normalization and ignoring unmapped columns if desired. Click Import.
  10. Save new mapping, save changes to existing mapping, or don’t save to proceed.
  11. Review import details by tab.
  12. Click Close.
    The platform will automatically push out the edits to the supported listings sites/directories.

Apple suggests that the message communicate cleaning protocols, store capacity restrictions, security measures, mask requirements, and other measures being taken by the business. An optional URL can be added to provide more information.