COVID-19 GMB Features Pushed via API


Automatically update GMB listings with COVID-19 websites and attributes.

Add Telehealth websites and COVID-19 related attributes (e.g., has_video_visit) to your source of truth for automatic updating on Google My Business.

COVID-19 related attributes are only available for specific business categories predetermined by Google. Attributes will not appear for businesses marked as temporarily closed.

To update your websites or attributes:

  1. From the Listings tab, click Locations.
  2. Click into the desired location.
  3. Click View Profile Data.
    • To update websites: Under Offices, click Add Website. Select the type from the dropdown (COVID-19 or Telehealth). Add the website URL.
    • To update attributes: Under Attributes, clicks Edit Attributes. Check desired attributes and click Apply.
  4. Click Submit.

You can also update COVID-19 and Telehealth websites and attributes in the Profiles tab under Directory.