Category Sentiment Trend Line

Operations, Reports

Drill down by time charts now include a category sentiment trend line.

Drill down by time from the Sentiment Map, Sentiment by Category chart, or from category tags in the Insights by Location charts to view a category sentiment trend line. Hover over the trend line to see the Category Sentiment score for each time period.

Under Operations > Insights (Beta), navigate to the Insights by Category tab to view the Sentiment Map and Sentiment By Category chart, or navigate to the Insights by Location tab to view the category tags included in the Sentiment by Location and Big Movers charts.

The breakout of positive, neutral, and negative comments in the drill down by time charts are based on category sentiment. Positive comments (green) have a category sentiment of 100. Neutral comments (yellow) have a category sentiment of 50. Negative comments (red) have a category sentiment of 0.

You can now also customize the Operations > Sentiment Trend widget in custom reports and dashboards to show category sentiment instead of star rating.

Customer comments within reviews and surveys are transformed into text analytic categories. These categories are grouped within the domains that are customized for your account (e.g., Staff, Transaction, Satisfaction, Experience, etc.).

Categories are then measured by category sentiment, which is a more precise measure of customer satisfaction than 1-5 star rating. This algorithm breaks down the review content into categories that are scored separately (e.g., a customer gives a 4-star on a review that raves about the polite doctor but complains about parking). The algorithm may score 100 to sentiment in "Staff" (positive) and 0 to sentiment in "Parking" (negative).

After all sentences are given a score (0 negative, 50 neutral, 100 positive), each category score is added and divided by the total number of mentions for that category.

Example: 15 total mentions for Parking

5 are negative = (0x5) = 0

8 are positive = (8x100) = 800

2 are neutral = (2x50) = 100


900/15 = 60

The Parking category sentiment equals 60.