Business Listing Audit Dashboard


Get transparent and actionable insights across all business listings.

The Audit summary dashboard helps you understand and manage your online digital presence. The dashboard and included reports present critical information regarding the accuracy of your business data as well as status every 24 hours (and status of the fulfillment process).

Audit Summary

On the Listings > Summary tab, view a dashboard for your listing activity:

See below for individual listing statuses.

Data Description
Locations The number of locations on at least one of the sources below.
Total Listings The number of instances being audited on the sources below.
Managed The number of data points that are monitored.
Missing The number of auditable data points (e.g., hours of business, phone number, etc.) that are missing from your platform profiles.
Corrrect The number and percent of live data points that match the source of truth. The system considers slight differences, such as capitalization and street vs. st., as correct.
Incorrect The number and percent of live data points that do not match the source of truth.
Fixed The number of data points the platform has automatically fixed since it started collecting data for your profiles. Data points become inaccurate for a variety of reasons, so the auditors monitor and auto-correct constantly.

Below the Summary stats, you can view the status of each listing source broken down by data points. Aim for near 100% accuracy on Google. Other non-API sites may have a lower average accuracy.

Learn more about Auditing Location Listings.

You can add Audit Dashboard modules to reports now, too!