Beta Tests

Welcome to the Reputation Beta Program page! If you’re new to this page, read our Beta Program FAQs to learn more about what the Beta Program is, who can participate, how to participate, and other important details.

Beta participation is based on user opt-in into each Beta. To opt in, you need to be a current US customer of Reputation (some exceptions apply). With the opt-in for any of the Betas, you will be added for further communication on other Betas that you may be eligible for.

You must have the primary solution in your contract before participating in its related Betas!

Media Support in Menus (Rich Content)

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Hospitality industry with Menus in use

Upload photos for menu item while adding a menu item in a section.

Publishing Assistant

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Social Publishing Permissions

You wan to connect with your audience across channels like Instagram stories. These channels currently don’t offer API integrations. With Publishing Assistant we offer a manual workaround to allow you to schedule post for these channels on the Reputation platform, receive a notification at the scheduled time with all relevant media and content for seamless publishing.

Reputation Score Location level module management

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Admin access to your account

Today, modules must be enabled at the tenant-level in order for locations to access the module. With this new feature, you will have the option to enable modules at location level instead of your entire account. At the beginning this will only be available for Reputation Score.

Review responding in Inbox

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Collecting reviews on Google or Facebook

Location managers are bombarded with customer feedback across reviews, surveys, social media, and private messages. We want to consolidate all customer feedback that requires a response into an omnichannel Inbox.
This feature will bring Facebook and Google reviews into the Reputation Inbox.

SMS Messaging Campaigns

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Inbox

Users can send an SMS message to opted-in customers in bulk. The customer list can be uploaded directly into the campaign, or selected from the Reputation Customer Contacts list. Notify your customers of an upcoming event, savings opportunity, or market new services to them.

Smart Social

Active – Additional sign up welcome

Precursor: Social Publishing

You want to maintain a consistent social media presence, but don’t want to spend valuable time manually scheduling pots every time. This feature will enable you to automated scheduling to social media sites and can be based on your configurations (sources, days, times, tags etc.). Content will be automatically pulled from the Library and scheduled e.g. you can also use automated scheduling to remind your customers about updated hours on holidays.


Coming soon – Sign up today to be added to the interest list

Precursor: Current Surveys

  • Capture and respond to customers that want to keep communicating after they submitted a survey.
  • Let consumers ask questions and make comments after closing the loop
  • Keep the loop open and ask clarifying questions to customers after the survey is complete

This will be enabled enabled in conjunction with the new survey results feed and during the Beta phase access to messaging.

Survey results feed next generation

Active – Sign up Closed

Precursor: Surveys

  • Easier Navigation and discoverable features
  • Customizable layout and key scores
  • Improved synergies with Insights, Reviews, and Actions (access associated reviews tied to Review Booster)
  • Available in parallel to the current results feed
Insights Trends

Active – Sign up Closed

Within Experience Insights, “Trends” allows you to understand how the sentiment and volumes of feedback related to each category has changed over a certain period of time.

This feature provides a powerful at-a-glance view of which categories are most relevant or seeing significant changes at any given moment. This allows teams to quickly identify trends that may require more attention and helps prioritize where to focus for timely action.

Reputation Score X targets

Active – Sign up Closed

Precursor: Reputation Score and Admin permissions

  • Users of Reputation Score can set a Target score for groups of locations and easily track if locations are tracking toward their Target score.
  • Measure the Reputation Score against the targets for any location or custom groups of locations such as Division, Region, etc.

    Please indicate below what Betas you are interested in as you can sign up for multiple Betas at a time :)