Beta Program FAQs

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What are Reputation Betas?

Reputation provides a pre-release version of selected features and products for the purposes of Beta Testing and qualification. Participation in testing is beneficial not only to Reputation, but also to our users, customers, and partners because it provides:

  • Early access to pre-release products.
  • Contact with Reputation Product Management.
  • Ability to test the product in your environment before the official customer release.
  • Resulting in knowledge gained from participating in the Beta Program.
  • Involvement in development cycle.
  • More stable code due to multiple individuals testing in many different environments.
  • Improved documentation.

Who can participate?

Participation is based on user opt-in. To opt in, you need to be a

current active US customer

of Reputation (Some exceptions apply). Not all Betas are available for testing for all users. Availability is based on account specific configurations – meaning you may not have the full product suite enabled.

How can I participate in Beta Tests?

Check the available tests and sign up for each Beta individually based on your interest and with the information required. This also allows us to understand who is actively participating in what Beta. With sign up you also agree to receive any further communication on upcoming Betas.

If you sign up for a Beta that is running, we will enable you (roles or users indicated) as quickly as possible. Some Betas may require additional information for onboarding purpose.

We will discuss details on what enablement and set up will look like either on a call or with the help of other communication assets. If you signed up for a Beta that is not live yet, we will add you to the interest list and follow up once the Beta goes live.

Is there a reward for participating in the Beta Tests?

All tests are voluntary, and there is no compensation for participation. Reputation will provide enhanced software and better performing services based on aggregated feedback from the Beta Tests.

Is the Beta Software confidential?

All Beta Software is Reputation confidential information. For certain long-term Betas it may be required to sign a Beta Agreement. The activity guidance for all Betas does include not to blog, post screenshots, tweet, or publicly post information about the beta software. If has publicly disclosed technical information about the beta software, it is no longer considered confidential.

Do I have to pay to participate in the Betas?

The Betas are free of charge. However, we like you to invest your time for testing. Betas shouldn’t feel like you are spending additional time, rather than a natural extension/benefit to the products you are already using on a daily basis.

What else do I need to know?

  • At the time of testing the product is 80%-90% complete. It’s stable enough for mainstream users, and mostly feature-complete.
  • Most Betas run between 3-8 weeks with a potential additional iteration.
  • Migrating or updating from a Beta version into an official released version is generally supported. Some exceptions may apply.
  • For some Betas – where specific use cases/configurations apply – we set up an introduction call with our product manager.
  • After a new Beta is available for testing, please be prepared to provide regular feedback.

How can I provide feedback outside of calls?

  • Bugs! – You can send Beta performance-related feedback such as errors, malfunctions, and poor performance to Please send the log immediately after the problem occurs. We’ll pass these issues to our engineering team and try to address this as soon as possible to guarantee a seamless Beta test experience.
  • Feedback – If you have any user interface or user experience related feedback such as new suggestions or usability, please collect the feedback while testing and address it on your regular status calls with the product experts, your customer success manager, or send it to or use the product idea forum (accessible via Help Center within the platform).