Apple Action Links and Temporarily Closed Information


Update additional Apple information for Action Links within the platform.

Action Links and Temporarily Closed information are the two major enhancements towards the data that is sent from the Reputation platform to Apple.

Action Links: Publish reservation Action Link URLs and enable capabilities based on the selection.

  • Online Appointment
  • Dining Reservation
  • Food Ordering
  • Food Delivery
  • Food Takeout
  • Service Appointment

How to add the website links:

  1. Within Listings, navigate to Profiles.
  2. Select a profile.
  3. Select “Add new website”.
  4. In the dropdown, select the type of website and enter the URL.
  5. Pending on what sources you have enabled (Apple, Google) the information for the website will be updated within the listing of the selected profile.

Temporarily Closed: Publish point of interests that are temporarily closed along with re-open date.