Allow survey takers to decide if their information should be available or anonymous.

Instead of creating multiple surveys with different rules, anonymity can now be defined via question. A survey can have a question “Would you prefer your response to stay anonymous?”, and if checked – all PII information will be hidden. This puts the decision in the survey takers hands.

  • Survey takers will see a checkbox with the question in a web-survey.
  • Survey takers will see a “Yes/No” option in Conversational Survey.
  • Results without the checkbox will be saved as any regular survey results.
  • Anonymous surveys will have no PII displayed for use. Results can still be analyzed for sentiment etc.

To add a survey question that indicates anonymity:

  1. Within the survey builder, click “Add a Question”.
  2. Select Respondent Anonymity in the dropdown.
  3. Change the question wording.
  4. Default is “Submit my response anonymously”.