Agency Credentials Management

API and Admin

Establish connections without logging into the Reputation platform.

Agencies can now request customers establish connections through a stand-alone interface outside of the Reputation platform. No logging in required!

Agency credential management is only available for agency accounts.

To manage connections:

Agency User
  1. Click Send Connection Email for the desired tenant managed within your agency account. The tenant receives an email prompting them to establish connections.

Tenant User/Customer:
  1. Click the email to navigate to the Reputation-Sources page.
  2. Click Connect on the desired sources to connect to Reputation.

    A new browser window opens with the authentication steps required by the source site.
  3. Select the profile to use (may require entering credentials) and agree to terms and services for using the API.

The connection is added to the list for the matching platform location(s) that are associated with that account.