Advanced Survey Reporting

Reports, Surveys

Discover trends based on sentiment scale questions.

Customize the Sentiment Trend report to trend top box metrics for survey questions with a sentiment scale (e.g., Rating, NPS, Select One, etc.).

To customize the Sentiment Trend report:

  1. From the platform, click Reports.
  2. Under the Surveys 3.0 heading, click Sentiment Trend.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Select your customizations:

    • Survey – Select the survey that contains the question you want to analyze in the report.
    • Topic – Select the sentiment scale question to include in the report.

      Topic options are based on the Survey selected in the first drop down menu.

    • Metric Type – Select your top box preference to include in the report. Options include Top Box, Top 2 Box, Top 3 Box, Bottom Box, Bottom 2 Box, and Bottom 3 Box.
      Top box is a popular measurement for converting survey scores to scales. For example, on a 5-point scale, the top-box answers the question, “What percentage of people are likely to rate me a 5?” (e.g., the top “box” of the options).
    • Survey Quality – Decide which results to include in the report. Options include All, High Quality Only, and Suspect Only.
      Learn more about survey quality indicators.

  5. Click Preview to apply customizations. Click Save As if you want to add this to your saved reports. Click Close when finished.

The Sentiment Trend chart is also available in custom reports and dashboards.