Celebrate the official launch of the Actions solution!

It is between 5-25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Actions allows you to close the loop on all customer experiences. Collect, assign, escalate, and resolve customer service issues so that you can retain and delight your customers.

Reputation.com is the only comprehensive ORM solution that incorporates the voice of the customer in every online interaction, including search, reviews, surveys, and each social touch-point with a workflow engine built in to make sure the appropriate actions are taken and completed in response to customer feedback.

Bonus! Manage your tickets on-the-go using the Reputation Manager mobile app (iOS | Android).

How Do Actions Work?

  • Actions Configuration – Before using Actions, you must define your workflow to apply to the ticket details. Workflows refer to the various labels that are used to track a ticket through resolution.
  • Actions Workflow – Each ticket includes fields that help describe what the ticket is about, who is working on the ticket, what stage the ticket is in, what the expected resolution time is, and other ticket metadata. These fields and automatic alerts help your team track the activity throughout the resolution process.
  • Actions Dashboard – The Actions Dashboard displays all tickets for all locations to which you have access. You can filter, sort, and search for tickets, as well as apply bulk actions.
  • Actions Metrics & Reports – The Action Metrics tab displays interactive charts and graphs to help you investigate trends in your tickets and team’s resolution efforts. Action reports are also available on the Reports tab.

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